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Sign the Petition

Help get Kelly on the ballot this November!

If you live in District B in Alexandria, you can electronically sign the petition to get Kelly on the ballot.


Did you know you can sign the petition electronically this year? 

Kelly needs to collect 125 signatures from registered voters in Alexandria District B to get on the ballot for the November 2, 2021 general election. 

You can download the electronic form and email it back to Kelly

Instructions for completing the electronic petition:

  1. Download the petition.

  2. Sign the form either by:

    • Adding a digital copy of their physical signature;

    • Printing the document, signing it physically, and scanning it;

    • Using a signature software program;

    • Typing their name on the signature line and the name line; or

    • Adding their signature electronically or physically to a hard copy that is provide to the campaign.

  3. Email the signed form to Kelly:

NOTE: The last four (4) digits of the petition signer’s Social Security number (SSN4) are required on an electronic petition form. If the petition signer does not include the last four (4) digits of their Social Security number (SSN4) on an electronic petition form, the petition page will be determined invalid. If the petition signer signs a physical petition form in the presence of a petition circulator as prescribed under Va. Code §§ 24.2-506 or 24.2-521, the petition signer is not required to supply the last four (4) digits of their Social Security number (SSN4).

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